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The chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken that everyone knows and loves first graced the United States almost 70 years ago from the expertise of one single cook named Colonel Harland Sanders. Today, KFC is one of the most popular fast food chicken restaurants across the world and has grown from one secret recipe to several award winning dishes that grace restaurants across the world. Available in more than 105 countries, KFC has hit the 15,000 mark in number of locations with no slow to their growth in the near future. Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC Coupons, Deals, Vouchers & Special Offers 2016:Last updated Jan 20, 2016

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The Secret Chicken Recipe

The Original Recipe is the chicken that made the name for KFC. This secret blend of herbs and spices was skillfully created and is what sets them apart from any other fast food chicken chain in the world. The recipe still remains a secret to this day, even though it started almost 70 years ago!

Extra Crispy

A newer offering from KFC that is just as popular is their Extra Crispy chicken. KFC has taken traditional chicken and made it extra crispy by using two layers of their delicious breading. Their unique double breading process gives the chicken that extra coating that many people desire. It goes through the same frying process and delivers a delicious, crispy exterior and moist interior.


For those that are a bit more health conscious, KFC offers a grilled chicken selection that takes your standard grilled chicken and perfects it with their amazing blend of secret spices. It goes through an intensive process of marinating, seasoning and then grilling to obtain its delicious taste.

Other Types of Chicken

KFC also offers a variety of other types of chicken including Chicken Tenders, Hot Wings and Original Recipe bites. The Chicken Tenders are similar to the taste of the Extra Crispy Chicken as they are also double coated and deep fried. The Original Recipe Bites offer the perfect amount of taste of the Original Crispy chicken without having to deal with the bones; simply pop them in your mouth and enjoy! For the person with a taste for spicy foods, the Hot Wings are the perfect choice. They are carefully marinated and spiced before they are breaded and deep fried for a delicious taste.


KFC also offers two different sandwiches; the Doublelicious and the Chicken Littles. The Doublelicious is made from the same delicious breading as the Original Recipe chicken, except it is placed on a bun with bacon, cheese and a special sauce. The Chicken Littles are pint sized sandwiches that are made from the Chicken Tender recipe and include pickles and mayo on top. You can save a great deal on sandwiches using Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons.

KFC Does Classic Right

Don’t forget about the classic dishes that KFC offers. The KFC Famous Bowls are the perfect combination of mashed potatoes, corn and chicken that is topped off with gravy and cheese. It’s the best of all worlds in one bowl! They also offer a traditional Pot Pie that combines their delicious chicken along with potatoes, peas and carrots, mixed together with a gourmet sauce and topped with a delicious pie crust.

Amazing KFC Sides

KFC does sides as well as they do chicken. They offer a variety of traditional sides that go well with their delicious chicken choices. Among the choices you have are:

  • Mashed Potatoes – These are the Colonel’s famous recipe and are smothered in his delicious gravy.
  • Coleslaw – Prepared fresh in the store, this recipe includes cabbage, carrots and onions for a sweet and savory taste.
  • Mac & Cheese –You haven’t tasted mac & cheese until you have had the Colonel’s! It’s so good that even grown-ups order it as part of their meal. Of course it is good for the kids too.
  • Potato Wedges – Better than fries, the potato wedges offer a crispy outside and incredibly soft inside all seasoned with their own herbs and spices.
  • Green Beans – Not your ordinary green beans, these green beans are made with the original recipe that no one else has, making you wonder just why you’ve never ordered them with your chicken before.
  • Biscuits – These are like the icing on the cake, they are a staple that must accompany your chicken and KFC knows just how you like them.
  • Whole Kernel Corn – Perfectly steamed and ready to eat, the whole kernel corn goes perfect with your chicken meal.
  • Corn on the Cob – For those that prefer their corn on the cob, this is the perfect way to complete your meal.

Find KFC Coupons

On the same Deals page, there is an opportunity to enter your zip code and be directed to a page of valuable coupons for KFC. Simply click on the coupons, print them and bring them to your local KFC for great money saving opportunities. In addition to these savings, you can also find coupons in your local paper or in the mail circulars that you receive on a weekly basis. There are also a variety of websites that you can find by performing a quick Google search on KFC coupons. Many sites offer printable coupons for KFC, enabling you to save more money.

Saving at KFC

When you and your family are in the mood for chicken but want to try to save money, KFC makes it easy with a variety of ways to find printable coupons or by joining an exclusive club that sends the coupons directly to you. It doesn’t get much easier than that to save money!

Sign up for the Club

Right on the KFC website is opportunity to sign up for the Colonel’s Club. Simply click on the Deals tab on their website and you will find the opportunity to sign up for this money saving club. The only information you have to provide is your first and last name, email address, zip code and birthday. You will then start to receive exclusive email savings and KFC coupons delivered directly to you.